Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?

Road trip question of the ages. It doesn’t need to be caught, taught or prompted to come out. It’s like hardwired into our psyche. “Are we there yet”. Is it driven by impatience, curiosity or our instinctual need to know where the hell we’re going?

Where are we going? Destination can be elusive. We learn and we discover and we plan and we choose and we act in a manner we believe has destination. But, we seem to never arrive. Oh sure, there are rest stops that give the illusion of destination, but as we rest, we imagine there is more awaiting.

And you may ask yourself
Well…How did I get here? 

David Byrne

Do you ever stop and ask? Choice, circumstance, acquaintance all played a part, but its time to keep moving. If we have breath, we have choice. And choice is the first step to destination. Have you made your choice or are you asking others if we’re there yet?

Some of us have learned to enjoy the ride, some of us can’t cope without having an answer and some of us think we have the all the answers and want everybody to know we know (see twitter).

I think we can all safely agree; We have not arrived.

Are you enjoying the trip?

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