Well, you don’t have to say you’re sorry anymore and if someone says “thank you” you can make it all about you and say “no problem” instead of addressing them by saying “your welcome”. But I digress. Social media, internet and messaging apps have given us amazing communication advantages over snail-mail and landlines (for those […]

Do you really want to know? Are you framing it as a question to truly seek greater understanding? Or are you just lining up an argument? We are filled to the brim with mis-understanding. Fueled by ignorance and promoted by many with prominent voices. They have been very busy putting us all in neat little […]

On the way up you heard it a thousand times. Now that you occupy a higher perch, have you said it lately? Too many things to do, employees coming to you for everything, seemingly nothing getting done.  Well, it just might be you. Successful people get there by working hard and making good decisions, or re-making bad ones […]

So what is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? Freedom to express yourself, a shot at making a difference, and cash, lots of cash. It probably isn’t hearing that the concept you presented, the peek into your soul, “just doesn’t do it for me, can you add this copy and brighten […]

“Yeah that’s typical”. Sometimes when we hear it, it is the kiss of death. Others times we are yearning to return. The story is way overdone. Regular somebody decides to throw caution to the wind and unleash their amazing hidden talent for the world to experience and becomes obscenely rich, and lonely and discouraged, and […]

There is a she that has had profound impact on our all of our lives. A source of encouragement, of strength and of a beauty that cannot be described. She has shaped our thinking, invaded our very thoughts and held claim to our focus, leading our unconscious self. Overt, covet or seemingly inert, the influence […]

We are hardwired to see movement. You don’t even have to be looking at it, your peripheral vision will pick it up. Must have been necessary to escape all the stronger, faster predators over the past thousands of years. How does the human animal cope now? We are bombarded with media everyday and hardly notice […]

Aside from being a hipster job search site, in Greek Mythology, the Muses were goddesses inspiring literature, sciences and the arts. If you have done creative work, you have heard of them, you might have even called upon them. In the creative fields, the muse is synonymous with inspiration. Unless you dwell in the mystical […]

Are we there yet? Road trip question of the ages. It doesn’t need to be caught, taught or prompted to come out. It’s like hardwired into our psyche. “Are we there yet”. Is it driven by impatience, curiosity or our instinctual need to know where the hell we’re going? Where are we going? Destination can […]

I just don’t feel like it. We have all been there. You have something to do, but you just don’t feel like doing it. Is it really a feeling? Seems so. Maybe is just the mood I’m in. Moods are feelings? Right? Or are moods just a result of feelings? Joshua Freedman over at Six […]