“And the man in the suit has just bought a new car from the profit he’s made on your dreams” Stevie Winwood – Low spark of high healed boys

Dreams Dreams Dreams…

We all have dreams. We all wander off to places where we are free from what binds us to mere existence. In our dreams there are no constraints, no deadlines, no limitations. It is a world of what might have been or a world of what could be.

The longer we linger there, the more we gain. Coming back can be saddening if we don’t bring anything back with us. We often discount achievement by saying it is only a dream. But what achievement did not owe some element to a dream, or better a dreamer.

Our worlds are shaped by dreamers. Those who were not bound by the chains of their reputations. We call them risk takers, the innovators, visionaries. They are usually the ones that don’t play well with others. They’re the ones everyone else talks about.

Dare to dream, but don’t talk to the man in the suit about them.

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