It’s Just Not MY Personal Taste

It’s just not MY personal taste.

We all have said it when we are asked to critique some song, fashion or other amusement. But what exactly IS personal taste? Is it something you developed? Is it something that is inherent in your nature? Is it something you were taught?

Just how did you get your personal taste? Maybe it is part of your personality development, some combination of nature and nurture. Maybe you don’t have one at all. You just have a borrowed collection of things, like your college wardrobe.

We know what we like and what we don’t like, right? Science.Jrank attributes it to “a series of past choices and resulting experiences” that lead to our aesthetic judgments. Probably so. If you had a really bad experience trying something, the next time you’re asked, you’ll probably say “that’s not really my taste”.

But what makes something appealing to most people? Ask it in the negative, it’s sometimes easier to think that way. What makes something un-appealing to most people. How about stupid, rude and depressing.  Wait a minute, I think I just described half of what’s out there.

Well, you can go with the flow or forge a better path, your personal start to past choices and resulting experiences. What is the cost of producing clever, respectful and comforting? Break out, I dare you.  See what resulting experiences come of tasting the good in life.

Edgy and dark is becoming cliché in our post modern world. Many are tiring of the constant bombardment of negative, dark, and chaotic.

It’s just not MY personal taste.


Photo Credit: Victor Figol

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