Just make it work!

On the way up you heard it a thousand times. Now that you occupy a higher perch, have you said it lately?

Too many things to do, employees coming to you for everything, seemingly nothing getting done. 

Well, it just might be you. Successful people get there by working hard and making good decisions, or re-making bad ones quickly. But highly successful people create an environment for those around them to do the same.

I heard it said, some people think the person on top strolls in like the Monopoly Millionaire, barks out a few orders then leaves for an appointment with some recreational pleasure. Like to meet that person. What really happens, is the few at the top become successful by working their a_ _ off and trying and failing and trying again, again and again. Then realizing they need help.

The highly successful out there, know they can’t do it by themselves. They need to surround themselves with other competent souls, who need the room to live the vision.

Now the tricky part. We all know we are probably the most interesting person we know and if you ask, we do have all the answers, right? I mean, if you want it done right, do it yourself! Confucius said it, didn’t he? Or maybe it was Seinfeld.

Yeah, “right” by your terms, for sure. But right for the co-workers, right for the specific market, right for that particular customer? Highly successful people understand they don’t have all the data and they certainly don’t have time to “hear all the evidence” to make an effective ruling.

You need to be surrounded by capable people, who are not afraid to act.

Building that staff takes three things on your part: Trust, Confidence and Humility. None of which are a natural part of your human nature.

Yes, you are going to have to trust your employee or vendor to have the companies best interest in mind. Trust they have the skills to get it done well.

Yes, you need the confidence to know that these are the right people for the assignment. Confidence to know that whatever the outcome, it will be made right.

Yes, you need the humility to let go and allow others to act in the role that used to be yours. Humility to let others act in the lead.

So, you know what you have to do: Trust, Confidence, and Humility.

Just make it work!

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