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The muse goddesses - what are you saying blog post

Aside from being a hipster job search site, in Greek Mythology, the Muses were goddesses inspiring literature, sciences and the arts. If you have done creative work, you have heard of them, you might have even called upon them.

In the creative fields, the muse is synonymous with inspiration. Unless you dwell in the mystical world of Greek legend, you probably are not going to get any ideas from these goddesses. So what is a creative to do to break out of their bromidic existence? There has to be more, there has to be a way out, there has to a place where its feels right, it flows and it gets done.

You have been there. It just flows. Every idea works, all the pieces fall into place effortlessly, time has no bounds and there is nothing else happening but the focused result in your mind coming alive through your media.

Why can’t we stay there and how do we get back? Kirstin Klodnicki, Creative Director for Tufudi says,

In order to create efficiently and freely, you must create from self. Otherwise creation becomes a cheap knockoff of what you believe others want to see. Overcoming the fear of expression is the gateway to self expression and pure creativity.”

When we’re doing it for a paycheck and we’re working towards deadlines, pure creativity can get smothered by the encumbrances.

The best creatives are inspired by the courage of self knowledge.


Sometimes you feel like you’ve been hired

Sometimes you feel like you’ve been bought

Sometimes you feel like your room’s been wired

Capaldi & Winwood


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